Sports Available

NFL & NCAA Football

Weekly Fantasy Football

Season long Fantasy Football is by far the most popular fantasy sport. The same is true for the weekly offerings. We offer more game styles than anyone in the space. With our Perfect Lineup game players can win $1,000,000 for FREE! Our Rapid Fire games are a great way for casual players to enjoy fantasy sports, and our Pick Em style games offer that same experience as well. Our salary cap games are as robust as you will find with bracket style contests, target games, and more! We also offer live snake drafts which emulate the season long experience. Leagues offered: NFL and NCAA.

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MLB Baseball

Daily Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy sports players love fantasy baseball, so what’s the problem? It takes too long! Our daily fantasy baseball offerings give players a chance to draft a new team each day. We offer all of our different game types to ensure your players will never get bored playing the game they love. Our live snake drafts allow season long players to get their feet wet in daily fantasy baseball, while still drafting the way they feel most comfortable. Leagues offered: MLB

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NBA & NCAA Basketball

Daily Fantasy Basketball

This is becoming one of the most popular game types in the daily space. Players enjoy fantasy football, however once they catch the bug to play the weekly format they soon want daily action. Enter daily fantasy basketball. With its high scoring and fast paced action it becomes a perfect fit. We offer all of our game types for this sport, allowing your users to enjoy any format with which they feel most comfortable.. Leagues offered: NBA and NCAA.

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NHL Fantasy Hockey

Daily Fantasy Hockey

Gaining more appeal is the great sport of hockey. With its large following north of the border, it has become a mainstay for hockey fans. Players enjoy the exciting fast paced action and love the unique scoring system we offer. Offering all of our game variations allows users to pick and choose which format suits them best. Rapid Fire is a great way for the casual fan to get in the action without having to do tons of research. Leagues offered: NHL

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PGA Fantasy Golf

Weekly Fantasy Golf

This sport has a very loyal following. The weekly contests last four days, and allow the users to enjoy the whole tournament. Looking to create buzz for your golf enthusiasts? Offering them a place to play with their friends through our leagues or with a large player pool in one of our many contests is sure to help you achieve your goals. Leagues offered: PGA

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